9 June 2016

Processing Studio 2016

Samples of work from Processing studio, full credit to Yuhei Aimee Lin, Ye Ji Lee, Kathy Yuan, Lily Yutao Liu, Bree Meyers, Yan Li, Sijie Xia, Tatahi Rawiri-McDonald, Henry Zeng, Tony Yee, Matthew Boyuan Cao, Jamie Jiang, Issac Mui & Qiqi Hu. 

10 July 2015

Processing Studio 2015

Architectural projects from the 'Processing' third year design studio. Students deployed a hybrid method of material and digital computation.  

Image credits to third year students at the University of Auckland: Casey Hemingway, Adee Balouch, Beckham Low, Daniel Christev, Daniel Gu, Derek Deng, Fritha Powell, Gina Hochstein, Kimiko Genet, Layne Parkes, Luke Dyer, Mehul Patel, Miriama Arnold, Phillip Cha, Rahul Girish, Ricky Tung, Sam Thomas, Tanya Chalermtip, & Ziwei Zhao. 
Thank you for your high level of output and design work. 

11 February 2015

Thesis 2014

Selected thesis work, produced by ever-inspiring final year architectural students.  

Civis by Steven Lin

Civis, Steven Lin

Te Kore: The Resurrection of Gate Pa, Scott McKerrow

Te Kore: The Resurrection of Gate Pa, Scott McKerrow

Synthetic Living Structure, Ziqian Tian

Synthetic Living Structure, Ziqian Tian

12 June 2014

Processing Studio 2014

The starting point for this design method was analysis of materials using a scanning electron microscope. We are very grateful to the Engineering school at University for the access to their SEM. Below is a sample of the images we took:

The third year students used a combination of computational and analogue techniques to develop their design, a selection of work below: 

Thank you and credit to the students: Yiqiu Hong, Huan He, Joyee Kwan, Jessica Young, Belinda Gibson, Ashleigh Smith, Natasha Baumgartner, Mosese Fifita, Timothy Yang, Donna Davies.